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"And where do I throw this?" Here is one of the most frequent questions that is repeated every time we find ourselves having to eliminate the wrappings of the products we buy. To facilitate this task, has thought of inserting a simplification table on its branded packages which indicates the post-consumer management of the packaging. For each part of which the package is made up, the type of material, the relative symbol and a suggestion on how to recover after consumption are indicated. However, it is important to ALWAYS CHECK the indications on separate waste collection provided by your municipality. Material symbols will help you with this. Our suggestions can make  separate collection even easier: a visible commitment for the consumer and for nature.

 Symbol  Code Description Examples


PET 1 o PETE Polyethylene terephthalate Green holds
LDPE 4 o LDPE Low density polyethylene Perforated/whole stretch film/upper cover film, iron cover cap, tube closure caps
PP 5  Polypropylene White straps/Raffia


PAP 20 o PCB Corrugated cardboard Corrugated cardboard
PAP 21 Uncorrugated cardboard Cardboard cores (present in our products), non-corrugated top cover cardboard
PAP 22 Paper Bisilicon paper


FE 40 Steel Iron bars

Wood materials

FOR 50 Wood Wooden pallets/wood packing

The following table shows recycling codes according to commission decision 97/129/EC (Annexes I to VII)

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