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RG high quality cores

RG high quality cores

Re.Mi. company founded in 1961, in via Castelnovate Oleggio, it is engaged in production of RG high quality cores.

For over 50 years our company is located in the world market as a producer of RG high quality cores for wrapping and packaging. We possess a wide range of production of RG high quality cores wrapped in line and spiral paper tubes. For the production of RG high quality cores only we use modern machinery and highly qualified personnel. Our goal is to always give the best both in terms of quality treatment where, notwithstanding this commitment is our. trained staff performs controls upon arrival of raw materials, during the processing stages and on the finished product ready to be shipped.

We also have an internal laboratory equipped with instruments able to certify what we produce, also if there were any problems with our products, we also have a technician specialized in finding solutions to the client's requirement. In recent years we have expanded our surface is not covered with the installation of new fully automated production plants and drying system and packaging.

RG high quality cores - wrapped in line

FOR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES: Paperboard tubes of various type used for winding and non-woven fabrics.
FOR IRONWORKS: used in the sector of the thermocouples.

RG high quality cores - spiral

FOR PAPER: paper tubes with technical-specific requirements in relation of the type of paper to be wound: tissue, graphic papers, printing, cartons and cardboard;
FOR PLASTIC FILMS: tubes and cardboard cores designed for the wrapping of stretch film, industrial and protective packaging, flexible packaging, also with certification for food use to cover;
FOR PROTECTIVE PACKAGING: for example, used as containers for posters;
FOR TAPES AND ADHESIVE LABELS: wide range of tubes and rings for the industry of the tapes and adhesive labels;
FOR ROCKS AND ROPES: tubes used for winding ropes and bobbins;




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+39 0321 233684 
+39 0321 91536

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Remi srl produzione tubi di carta novara, oleggio
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Remi srl

For more than 50 years our company is located in the world of the market as a producer of tubes and cores in cardboard, for wrapping and packaging

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 Via Castelnovate, 28 
28047 Oleggio (Novara)

Tel. +39 0321 233684 
Tel. +39 0321 91536

Fax 0321 960370


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