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Mr. Remo Nifantani has achieved success because he wanted to conquer it, because he did not give up the face of difficulties, because his experience is the result of hard profitable internship which put him in a position, in 1961, to start their its customers to be fully satisfied.

He was skilled worker at Tubettificio, but that condition, could not satisfy his aspirations and above all could not be reconciled with his desire for autonomy, freedom, through the implementation of an initiative of his own which he, albeit through sacrifices, he was responsible.

So in 1961, he is improvising mechanical designer, in the evening hours of building a new machine and initiative their own business with the establishment of the RE. MI., A handicraft company specializing in manufacture of paper tubes for textile and plastics.

It is useless to dwell on the type of activities it nevertheless seems clear and highlighted by the very definition of "Tubettificio", what is important is to remember that today the company has established and strengthened, and counts among its customers listed textile and plastics industries.

With its preparation, with constant application, Remo Nifantani, ably assisted by his wife Michelina before and then by his son Carlo, when he finished his studies, he was able to introduce in the field the most demanding customers, so that the Re.Mi. It is taking significant aspects and is undergoing major expansions.

In fact, it is studying the expansion of the plant that from the current 520 square meters. pass 1000 m., with its installation of new technologically advanced machinery in the specific area, which will allow a more valuable production.

It is clear, at this point, that the holder of Re.Mi. and his collaborators, ie his wife Michelina and his son Carlo, can feel proud of their work, just because of their spirit of sacrifice, with the constancy of their actions, with the seriousness of their commitment they managed to give concrete form to the dream of their whole company, now known, established and certainly destined to new and even more significant developments.

It is true that they had to face many difficulties to get to the current positions, but it is equally true that the achievements repay them many sacrifices, so they can look to the future with serenity.

Perhaps, both for reasons of space, and especially because it is the spirit of the article is not intended as a commercial background, our records were a bit 'brief, but nevertheless believe that we are able to provide fairly comprehensive idea of Tubettificio RE.MI., The personality of the owner Remo Nifantani, his prestigious career and the positive contribution it has made to the development of a given sector in the overall framework of oleggese economy.

We are therefore certain that the founder, ably assisted by his wife and son, will continue on the road taken to please the loyal customer base, which from the beginning has supported him with confidence.

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